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Money Talks featuring Cara

Anal Aroma leads off things this week and you all will not be dissapointed. What is it you ask...just a super gross...yet half sexy bit. I cant even begin to explain it. We also got some dog collars on humans...crazy what that will do to your neck. The best is saved for last of course, where we had our first ever MoneyTalks bikini contest. It was fucking amazing the hotties we had in there. All different flavors as well for your enjoyment. Then we convinced a couple of them to go that extra mile. Yall know what i mean.
Money Talks featuring Christine

This week on Money Talks, we find a guy playing soccer on the beach who is willing to take on Kimbo for one pass up the middle. Wearing shoulder pads and a helmet, do not miss the fury Kimbo unleashes with one tackle! Then Icey visits a local tanning salon, where he finds two blonde bombshells willing to get hot and crazy in the tanning bed for the right price. Money Talks strikes again! Check it out...
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Money Talks featuring Carmen

This is one of our dirtiest updates yet. We got pubic hair mustaches, pubic hair joints, vomiting, and even some street water gargling. All things that will make you say damn money does talk. But thats not all we also got some sexy shit for ya. Like 2 best friends making out topless on the beach. But my favorite is a bit we like to call Death by Racquetballs. We totally pummeled this guy with a barrage of racquetballs. He is gonna have welts til next year. We also got to this super fine latina maid to do a little extra room service. Definitely what room service should be.
Money Talks featuring Victoria

This week we did it BIG WILLY style. This is yet another classic episode. We start you with a monumental first in MoneyTalks history with a dildo flag action. What the hell do I mean you will have to see it to find out. It still amazes me. Also sprinkled in there is a worlds first...Segway Jousting. An instant classic...must see. Then we have a runway show. Its one of every mans dream to bang a model. And we didnt quite do we did get to see them get fucked. Better than nothing huh. It was fucking awesome we got them to 3 way with a male model and saw just how loose these models can be. The runway show itself was a treat. Seeing the models get banged was even better.

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